Non-Venomous Snake Removal Brisbane

There are many species of non-venomous snakes in south east Queensland and many times home-owners won’t even realise there’s a snake in their roof or on their property until they see a sure fire sign that a snake is in or around their home.

What to do if you see a non-venomous snake in your home or on your property.

The first thing to do is to remain calm. Snakes don’t see us as a food source - we’re too big to eat so the likelihood of them attacking is very small, unless startled or provoked.

Step One - Remove everyone from danger

The first thing you will want to do is get all kids and  pets/animals away from the snake. The safest place in a home will be different depending on the type of home, where the snake is and if the snake is active or dormant.

Once you have gotten everyone out of the way of the snake you can move on to step two.

Note - whilst non-venomous snakes won’t kill with a bite they can inflict serious damage if large enough or cause death to pets (depending on their size, chickens, birds, cats and small dogs, etc) if they’re lucky enough to catch them.

Step Two - Close off the room

If you can, try to close off the room by closing all windows and doors. Put a heavy blanket, damp towel or draft stopper under the door so the snake can’t escape.If you can, jam it under the door well so there’s no chance of escape.

Take note of where you last saw the snake and try to remember the size, colourations and any distinct markings of the snake and how it was behaving (aggressive with lots of movement or slow and lethargic, etc). If possible keep a constant eye on the snake to see where it goes. Whilst we make every effort to catch each snake we’re called out to, snakes are experts at hiding or leaving an area undetected.

We will do everything in our power to find a snake in a room, but nothing replaces a constant eye on the snake (if possible).

Note - being a Snake Catcher in Brisbane we come across a lot of non-venomous snakes and always take customer safety and the welfare of the snake seriously.

Step Three - Call us on 0407 129 260

Once you have safely gotten everyone out of harm's way and closed off the room, it’s time to call in a professional. Please remember that a majority of snake bites are caused by people trying to catch the snake themselves. It’s not worth taking the risk unless you’re a trained professional.

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