Snake Nest and Egg Removal North Brisbane

It’s a beautiful day and you’re out doing the gardening, then all of a sudden you come across a clutch of reptile eggs. Typically snakes will lay their eggs in leaf litter or rotten logs, etc so if you have piles of lawn clippings or an open compost heap with lots of organic matter in it, this is prime real estate for a snake.

What to do if you find a clutch of snake eggs

If you find a clutch of eggs in a pile of lawn clippings, leaf litter or a compost pile, the first thing you will want to do is slowly back away and leave the pile undisturbed (you don’t know how recently they were laid and the snake that laid them could still be around).

If you’re wondering who to call for snake egg removal, you’re on the right website. Give Pat the Snake Catcher a call on 0407 129 260 and he will happily come out to your north Brisbane property and carefully remove the eggs (he will even remove the snake if it’s still hanging around).

Remove - Incubate - Hatch - Release

From there he will put them into an appropriate vessel and relocate them quickly to Reptile Rehab Queensland where they will be able to incubate the eggs, hatch them and release the reptiles back into the wild.



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